Competition Organizers

The Estonian American Innovation Award competition is organised by Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia (AmCham).

Embassy of the United States, Tallinn, Estonia
American Chamber of Commerce, Estonia
The Baltic-American Freedom Foundation

Past Competitions & Winners
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Please click on the picture to view the video that provides a summary of the past 5 years of this successful cooperation!

Main organizers about the Award:

'' The Innovation Awards have been a unique way to honor the innovative spirit of the Estonian people'' - Ambassador James D.Melville, Jr

''The aim of the program was to promote Transatlantic cooperation and the innovative spirit that is so common both, in the United States and Estonia'' - Daria Sivovol, AmCham Estonia Executive Director

'' Innovators are people who don't work for awards, but they are driven by their idea to change the world" - Andres Trink, BAFF Member of the Board of Directors

About the Award:

As a means to highlight innovation in Estonia - and the collaboration between the U.S. and Estonia toward this end - Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia (AmCham) with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn have established an Estonian-American Innovation Award for an Estonian individual, organization or company that has developed an innovation in cooperation with a U.S.partner


Estonian American Innovation Award: Celebrating 5 years of success!

On November 21, AmCham Estonia in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Tallinn and the Baltic American Freedom Foundation held a special closing event in honor of the 5 years of successful collaboration on the Estonian American Innovation Award Program.

To read more about the event, please click HERE

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